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B2B Display Advertising and Retargeting Webinars

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Over the past few months, we have delivered a series of webinars that may be useful to fellow B2B marketers.

Display Advertising 101

About the webinar:
This is a concise, no-nonsense educational webinar for demand generation professionals who understand how to generate leads on their website or how to run email campaigns but are new to display. Learn display advertising concepts, and how to advocate for your needs and priorities with colleagues in corporate marketing, brand advertising, or at your media agency.

Watch the webinar:

Retargeting for Demand Marketers (with our partner ReTargeter)

About the webinar:
Retargeting is now a widely accepted marketing technique for direct-response and brand awareness campaigns. Did you know that retargeting can also be highly effective for demand marketers? Retargeting can target buyers in the consideration phase and can help your brand stay top-of-mind while shoppers evaluate your complex B2B products and services. Key goals for demand marketers include rapidly growing top-of-funnel leads, and accelerating your pipeline of engaged prospects.

Watch the webinar:
Retargeting for Demand Marketers - Kwanzoo

Integrate Display & Retargeting with Marketing Automation

About the webinar:
Get ready for a new way to use customer & prospect data from your MAP solution (Eloqua, Marketo, Silverpop) to make your display advertising do new tricks. Capture lead data from display ads directly into your MAP. In this webinar, we will review several case studies and a simple ROI modeler for display campaigns – and show how Kwanzoo delivers higher ROI for your display dollars.

Watch the Webinar:


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Mani Iyer
Mani Iyer
Serial Entrepreneur, CEO of Kwanzoo - A cloud-based rich media...